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market your brand at instagram : digital marketing strategy

Market Your Brand at Instagram

Today, there are nearly seven hundred million active users on Instagram, which focuses primarily on images and can be accessed from mobile devices and computers alike. But Instagram is actually much more than just a collection of beautifully taken photos – it can be essential to a digital marketing strategy.

Insightful entrepreneurs have already realized the power and the impact that this social network can have on their sales and exposure. Instagram is no longer just a place to follow your friends, as users also follow brands, companies, bloggers, institutions, and magazines, among others. Thus, Instagram has become an excellent platform to promote products and services.

Instagram Tips

For your Digital Marketing Strategy, there are several tips that will help you take advantage of Instagram. The first is that, if you lack the time to take care of this, do not skip it – Instagram can be quite important these days so, if you or your company cannot deal with it, leave it in the hands of someone who has experience in the field.

Vibbi is a company specialized and focused in Instagram-related marketing and strategies, offering many services and tools to improve that part of your business. Their service is established in three main basis: promoting your brand, backing up your content, and keeping you up with Instagram’s latest news and trends. Vibbi is then a safe bet to help with your Instagram strategy, if you cannot handle it.

Product Description

New Content Is a Necessity

Other than this service, there are additional tips that anyone can apply. It is important to publish new content regularly, but without “over-posting.” The quality of the photos is important, just like it’s important to diversify the content and be creative. Publishing your products is key, but keep some variation by publishing about other subjects related to your business field, for example.

Another important aspect is to get as close as possible from the public target and followers. Hashtags are quite important for this, as they help you find users interested in your field, which can be used to create your following. After this, you should keep followers engaged, and a good move for this is to inspire them. For example, if your field is fitness, then photos of athletes in action are a great option.

Engage Your Followers

Communication with your followers is also essential, so leave comments on their photos, reply to their questions and doubts, and be sure to mark partners, such as suppliers, clients, and collaborators on your photos. Last but not least, sales and discounts are also quite popular with clients, so do not keep those on a drawer.

Social networks are extremely useful for companies to build an intimate relationship with their customers and want to show a more human side to the general public. Instagram is the prime example of that. Whether using the services of a specialized company or doing it yourself, Instagram can be essential for your digital marketing strategy, so really do not skip the opportunity.

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