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How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media

The advancement in social media is simply an outcome of huge increase of internet users throughout the globe. Even the stats states that number of people throughout world who uses internet as a medium to buy and sell products through digital media are more in number in 2017 as it was before. But,most of the people who uses internet generally uses social media. And if we talk about India, then we almost cover over 240+ million users only from Facebook.

As growing rate of Internet, the Digital Marketing Companies are also rapidly growing at a faster rate.

You probably already know that a lot of people, including your potential customers, are on social media.

But have you ever asked yourself:
– How does social media actually help me grow my business?
– How does social media help my business win more customers?
– How does social media help me increase my sales?

In this article, Social Ninja explains you the process that need to be taken to ensure your social media doesn’t only increase your “likes”, “followers”, etc – but it actually grows your business.

Mistakes made with Social Media By Business

One of the mistake we see businesses making with social media is simply not having an actual plan to convert social media leads into sales.
The other mistake we see is people are not being patient and understanding that it takes time to cultivation leads from social media into sales.
You can’t spend a small amount on Facebook ads, follow a few people on Twitter, and expect instant sales.

If you follow the steps correctly then definitely you come up creating in order of successful Marketing with Social Media.

Creating a Social Media Framework

It all starts with creating what we call a “Social Media Selling Machine”.
In this machine, you need to:
1. Create a plan and stick to it
2. Have at least one system to generate leads
3. Have at least one system to convert those leads into sales
As you can see, it’s all about creating systems for your social media marketing. Systems that produce predictable results, on a consistent basis.
Then, you need to take action to implement those systems in your business each month.

There are some more tips and tactics that need to be performed for better execution of your Social Media Marketing 

1) Advertising your brand

You might be running your business through past since past 10 years or more may be but still wouldn’t have been able to make your brand reachable to your clients not across globe but within city Social media provides you the bestest platform for things like these. It will surely make your brand value limit to till infinity.

2) Establishes long distance connection

If you are planning to do business with a client having his set up in not so easy to reach countries you can make it through social media. Even for all those who don’t have a sufficient knowledge of digital media marketing can go through social media easily.

3) Spreads business information effectively

Users will get up to date information regarding your recently launched brand along with current changes in your market policies through social media very easily.Eventually what all of us are saving is the amount of money business minds like ours spend in marketing.

4) Establishes proper communication channel

A proper feedback is something which will increase rate of growth of your business.Through social media, you are inviting your clients to give proper feedback by maintaining a proper two-way communication

Once you have created your system and decided how to proceed with everything just ask a few questions to yourself

  • By changing my offer or my target audience, could I generate even more leads?
  • Could I create automatic email sequences for prospects that become leads?
  • What other content could I create, that I’m not creating right now, would help convert leads into sales?
  • What are some of the most common questions potential customers ask my business? Have I ever addressed those on my website?
  • How many people are opening and clicking on my emails? What can I do to improve this?

It’s important you track your results and then continually see how you can improve them.


2 thoughts to “How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media”

  1. Wow!. Thank-you for this advice. I actually thought cold contacting was the most important component of marketing your business on the internet. Hmm, you really got me thinking. I should make revisions to my lead generation procedures. Thank-you for your wisdom provided.

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